Student Parliament

Student Parliament of the University of Kragujevac was established in November 2006 in accordance with the new Law on Higher Education and the Statute of the University of Kragujevac. The Parliament consists of 36 members, three from each Faculty of the University of Kragujevac. It is constituted every year in the month of April, after conducting elections at all Faculties within the University.

Representatives of the Faculty of the University Student Parliament:

  1. Faculty of Agronomy in Cacak - Dusan Dimitrijevic 065/6257944
  2. Faculty of Economics in Kragujevac - Jovan Spasic 062/217976
  3. Faculty of Engineering in Kragujevac - Stefan Djuric 065/8535928
  4. Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering - Milos Lukic 065/5254960
  5. Faculty of Medical Sciences - Nemanja Z. Petrovic 061/1099914
  6. Faculty of Education in Jagodina - Nebojsa Krljar 065/8198995
  7. Faculty of Law in Kragujevac - Bojana Avramovic 065/2015040
  8. Faculty of Science in Kragujevac - Djordje Petrovic 066/404947
  9. Faculty of Technical Sciences in Cacak - Petar Vujovic 064/3416356
  10. Teacher's Training Faculty in Uzice - Marko Djokic 065/5355233
  11. Faculty of Philology and Arts in Kragujevac - Cedomir Milojevic 061/3911992
  12. Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism in Vrnjacka Banja - Milica Ratković 065/4458413

President of the Student Parliament at the University of Kragujevac is Nedeljko Misic, master student of the Faculty of Economics. Vice Presidents are Petar Krmanovic, a fourth year student of Faculty of Education in Jagodina and Mina Poskurica student of the Faculty of Medical Sciences.

Parliament has eight departments which are in accordance with departments of SKONUS (Student Conference of the University of Serbia) and they are:

  • Department for Science
  • Department for International Cooperation
  • Department for Higher Education Reform
  • Department for Student Standards
  • Department for Combating Corruption
  • Department for Relations with Industry
  • Department for Sport
  • Department for Environment

Student Parliament proposes a Student Vice-Rector to Rector of the University. Student Vice-Rector of Student Parliament is Petar Pilipovic, a fourth year student of the Faculty of Law.

Student Parliament delegates representatives to the Council and the Senate of the University of Kragujevac, i.e. six members of the Senate and three members of the Parliament.

Members of the University Council, considering students are:

Petar Pilipovic, Faculty of Law
Nikola Ivkovic, Faculty of Law
Nedeljko Misic, Faculty of Economics

Student Parliament proposes three members of the board of the Student Center (SC) in Kragujevac, one member of the board of Student Cultural Center (SKC), two members of the board of the Commission for University Scholarships, two members of the secondary disciplinary Commission etc.

Student Parliament of the University of Kragujevac cooperates with all organizations, associations and institutions that are members of the University or are closely related to the University, such as:

  • Health supporting institutions
  • University Sports Federation
  • Student Center
  • Student Cultural Center
  • Career Development Center and other