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Rector’s Cabinet
Webmaster / UNIC
Department for Education and Student Affairs
Center for Career Development and Student Counseling
PR Office

Function /
Department, Office
Name and Surname Telephone number
(+381 34)
Rector Prof. Nebojsa Arsenijevic, PhD 370-191
Vice-rector for Science Prof. Dragan Boskovic, PhD 370-191
Vice-rector for International Relations Prof. Milovan Matovic, PhD 370-191
Vice-rector for Education and Student Affairs Prof. Radovan Vukadinovic, PhD 370-191
Vice-rector for the coordination of the activities of the faculties located outside the seat of the University of Kragujevac Prof. Jeroslav Zivanic, PhD 370-191
Secretary General Zorica Avramovic 370-191
Chief of Rector’s Cabinet   370-191
Olga Stankovic
Student Vice-rector Djordje Petrovic 370-191 121
Head of Department of Economics and Finances Milka Stojanovic 304-986 108
Chief of Accounting Suzana Milutinovic 304-987 112
Department of Economics and Finances Marija Gacic 300-616 111
Dragana Djonovic 300-616
Mirjana Busarac Brajovic 304-988
Head of Department for International Relations and monitoring of international projects   304-985 110
Olivera Mijatovic
Head of University Information Center Radoslav Eric 301-130 118
University Information Center
Webmaster 301-129 119
Milos Comic
Dejan Milenkovic
Ivan Vojvodic
Helpdesk 335-407
Zoran Mihailovic
Milos Djonovic
Head of Department for Legal and Administrative Affairs Biljana Guzvic 304-989 116
Department for Education and Student Affairs   300-428 114
Predrag Vukomanovic
Ksenija Vlaskovic
Irena Petrovic
Archive Biljana Damjanovic 300-429 115
Verica Vidanovic
Secretary of the Research Center of Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences and the University of Kragujevac Lela Vujosevic 335-709
Center for Career Development and Student Counseling   300-425 122
Milica Spasojevic
Ivana Balsic
Milena Mijailovic Jankovic
International Projects Office   370-171 124
Tatjana Stankovic
Lazar Petrovic
Zarko Gavrilovic
Jelena Jevtovic
Katarina Basaric
PR Office   370-270 121
Marija Pavlovic
Milica Bozovic